Sightseeing Flights in the Czech Republic

You have already seen the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Jewish Quarter and everything else which is filling the pages of your guide but you feel that something is missing from your experience? Or maybe you don't have enough time to go to Český Krumlov and Karlštejn. Or you just want to see more from the Czech Republic than touristic places. Well, in case you can identify with this, than it is time for you to book a sightseeing flight.

Czech is full of small airfields and bigger airports where local companies are offering sightseeing flights. You can chose one of them and head for an hour or longer flight that will show you the major cities, castles, lakes and mountains. You will get a unique experience and even more unique photos. Have you seen that picture of Karlštejn that is in everybody's album? You can have your own photo from the air that none else has.

There are several airports just outside of Prague, some of them accessible by local transport and even by the subway. In less then 30 minutes from the city centre, you will find a small airplane witing just for you willing to take you everywhere you heart wishes. The most popular sightseeing flight is tour over Prague and its surrounding where you will see a number of old, beatufil castles hidden in deep woods including Karlštejn. Other than that you can chose to fly over Krkonoše, Czech highest mountains, or head south to Southern Bohemia with its ponds and châteaus. A little further is Moravia and the second biggest city - Brno and a flight over wineyards and little picturesque towns is something you will hardly forget.

If you feel tempted to try a completely different experiencem don't hesitate and contact one of the companies that provide sightseeing flights. They will be happy to offer you a standard route or to put together a flight that will include everything you want to see.

The sightseeing fligh in the Czech Republic will usually cost you about 2.500 CZK per person for a 30 minutes long flight. The price can be higher if there are any other services included, such as a video recording. You should make sure that you are told how much you will be paying so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.